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It is known as the Valley of Flowers! The Valley of Flowers!

This natural beauty is located in the Bhyundar Valley of Chamoli, Uttarkhand. From May to October the slopes and valley are in full bloom. July to September is when the most flowers bloom.

This area was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site for a reason. It is blemish free and attracts Botanists, nature lovers and photographers as well as bird-watchers, adventurers and other enthusiasts from around the world.

The three British mountaineers Frank S.Smythe (left), R.L.Holdworth (right) and Eric Shipton discovered this spot in 1931, while returning after their successful climb up Mt.Kamet. Frank S.Smythe was so enamored by the abundance flowers that he published a book describing the beauty of the scenery.

The Valley of Flowers trek in India is very popular among Trekking enthusiasts. It takes six days and five night to complete the trek. It is described as Easy to Moderate.

To complete the Valley of Flowers Trek, trekkers must travel four days from Govindghat. You will learn the daily distances and alternative ways to avoid trekking.

People often ask about the distance to the Valley of Flowers. A valley of flowers trek will cover between 50 and 55 kilometers in four days. You can read more below.
  • A trek starting from Govindghat and ending at Ghangaria
  • Ghangaria through Valley of Flowers, and back to Ghangaria
  • Ghangaria to Hemkund Sahib, and then back to Ghangaria
  • Ghangaria up to Govindghat
You can enjoy a beautiful spot where nature is in full bloom. Visitors will be rewarded with the most stunning sights such as cascading streams, small waterfalls and, most importantly, the meadows bursting with flowers.